Cooked Egg With Ibérico Ham

, Ham
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  • 4

    garlic cloves

  • 4

    tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, preferably Spanish

  • 2

    large eggs

  • 2

    thin slices, or approximately 1 ounce, jamon Ibérico de Bellota

  • Sea salt, to taste


    1. Split open and peel garlic cloves by pressing down on them with the flat side of a kitchen knife. Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a medium sauté pan over medium heat. Add garlic and cook until lightly browned, about 5 minutes. Transfer garlic to a plate and set aside.
    2. Increase heat to medium-high and add 3 remaining tablespoons olive oil. Crack 1 egg into a glass. When oil just begins to smoke, tip pan to a steep angle so oil collects on one side, creating a small bath. Carefully slide egg into hot oil and spoon the hot oil over egg 2 or 3 times. The egg will be ready in about 30 seconds. Transfer egg to a serving plate with a slotted spoon and season to taste with salt. Keep warm. Repeat with remaining egg, reserving the cooking oil when done.
    3. To serve, place a fried egg on each plate. Tear small pieces of jamon and lay over and around each egg. Garnish with garlic. Sprinkle with sea salt and drizzle reserved cooking oil over each plate.
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